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Satyagraha, 2018, Eric Standley Fine Art Print

Eric builds complex paper-cut artefacts using vector-based software and CNC lasers. Each layer is cut into paper with a CNC laser, then stacked into the completed artwork. The layers are conceived as 'events' in the vein of key-framing to create a consciously woven space. Because of Eric's labour intensive process his works take months and sometimes years to create. His compositions are determined by removing material from each sheet of paper, and pre-visualizing the sum of the layers as line, colour and space. He does not use processing or algorithm-generated elements but instead draws each line with a conscious effort toward a holistic goal. Eric's technology-infused studio practice enables him to create complex artefacts within a realm of precision of that is often reserved for industry, mass production and scientific research. "Technology circumscribes boundaries, as do artists. We are extended in body and mind by the advancements of what we envision and create."